Raise Your Voice- Realities of Type 1 Diabetes


Only within the past one hundred years would I have been able to survive the grips of type 1 diabetes. Before the scientific research on the pancreas and the creation of laboratory insulin, every person with this disease starved to death. Not from lack of calories or geographical isolation, but because one lone hormone was unable to manifest… starving the cells of type 1 diabetics from the inside out.

It is a fragile existence we live. Every day reliant on a drug manufacturer. Dependant on a syringe, pen needle, or cannula alike.

A bare existence on another continent or diminished opportunities here in America would not afford the chance to prosper. No amount of exercise, piles of pills, or dietary caution will ever reverse, or even pause, the mark of type 1 diabetes.

Research is flittering some hope on occasion. But for all of the advances that have been made in diabetes management, there is no cure at this time. Vigilance and hardnosed determination are the real factors that keep the future bright.

Glucometers, microfine needles, insulin pumps, and more, make daily life easier. But it is the forced and unforced will of the disease that prospers loudest. Dare to ignore a dangerous low blood sugar and the punishment is clear. Dare to gloss over screaming high blood sugars and your body will pay the penalty.

Type 1 diabetes sneaks up on its owners without proper cause. The infants, children, young adults, and adults who get rudely smacked by the untimely diagnosis did nothing to attract the disease. It landed heavily on their shoulders, and heavily on the concern of family members whose only recourse is daily awareness.

Learn what makes type 1 diabetes different. See how the treatment and lifestyle varies. Raise a voice for type 1 diabetes awareness. Dispel uneducated remarks on its cause and the do’s/dont’s of living with it. Embrace a type 1 diabetic and listen to their story. There could be more to their disease than you realize.

Then take what you learn and Raise Your Voice for Type 1 Diabetes!


Earth Day, With Diabetes


A whole day to think about the Earth, wow! That is just as comical as Diabetes Day. I wish diabetes supervision was a once-a-year event but awareness and management of diabetes and respect for the Earth should be every day.

Nonetheless, today is the day to question your impact on the Earth and think about ways to be greener. Diabetes care is overrun with plastic tools and disposable items that end up in too many landfills. I was definitely burdened by my OmniPod usage, questioning the disposable side to pumping. I am making an impact though, in my own small way. Head over to Blogabetes and see the habit I’m forming this Earth Day to protect our environment. 

Battery overload!


Beginning To OmniPod


The OmniPod SetupWow! I pump.

I started the OmniPod pumping system this week with a knee jerk of a start. There was a little bump at first, following suit with steady basal insulin and merry boluses without the need for an injection. I hope this turns into a smooth sailing adventure.

It is still early in this venture and I have the details to fine tune still. In short time though, I expect to be pumping with ease.

Hello world of pumping– Here I Am!


Grande New Year


Another fast paced year has passed by and today we ring in the New Year. For me it involved watching the NHL Winter Classic game with family, a little prime rib, and a geocache hunt for a diabetes travel bug.

The Penguins, who we rooted for, won the game, the food was delish, and the geocache hunt was successful… minus the diabetes travel bug. Have you heard of this “game”? People hide caches composed of random things- sometimes money, sometimes knickknacks, sometimes plastic toys. The idea is to use a GPS device to track down these caches and leave your mark by taking and leaving something of your own. This spot we ventured to today had a diabetes travel bug at one point in time and I wanted to scope it out and see what there was to see.

A quick hike and a little luck, minus a GPS device, and my dad found the old peanut butter jar buried in an old tree stump. Out came a plastic Pterodactyl,  a pair of goofy glasses, a commemorative coin… a barrel of goodies. So we left our mark, by way of a small notepad and pen, and off we went. Good day indeed.

I hope you all had a memorable 2007, as I did, and that this year brings you good health and grande memories!


Sevenly Random


Mollie and →Sandra tagged me for this MeMe of seven-fold randomness.The rules, guidelines,  prophetic scriptures of undeniable postulation read:

  • Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
  • Post these rules on your blog.
  • List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself
  • Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
  • Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog.

Let’s Get It On

#1.     I can play a total of 5 chords on the guitar. Yup, that’s right. E Major, A Major, C Major, D Major, and G Major. I know… you’re majorly impressed! And I can crank out a pretty mean “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” too. Hoo-Ra!

#2.     Ever since this fight between the Detroit Redwings and Colorado Avalanche, I have had a foul dislike for the Redwings. Colorado was my team at the time but to this day I still cringe when I see Detroit’s continued domination of the league in so many ways. Take your octopus loving ways and take a hike already!

#3.     I consider shoes to be the arch-enemy of my life. Like pressure cookers on a hot day, they tenderize my feet into a pulled pork consistency that have been over-seasoned with sock lint, sweat, and marjoram like hot spots of bunched up sock! Sandals for everyone! 

#4.     Thanks for inadvertently reminding me of this one Mom- I will never go to a movie theatre by myself. Sitting alone in a theatre with no-one to confirm good/bad movie previews with would be a shocking state for me. I would be too distracted by my alone-ness to enjoy the movie.

#5.     I have had the same broken down cardboard moving boxes in my room for over a year. I keep them handy, stocked behind my dresser, for that great day when I find an amazing apartment complex with killer views, hardwood floors, ample bathroom space, and dirt cheap rent prices. No wonder I have gotten used to the duct-tape tattered boxes!

#6.     Speaking of my dresser… my sock drawer consists of two halves. One for white socks, one for black. Each side smitten with its own impenetrable quarters separated by an old unfolded shoebox lid. Who has time to dig through unorganized socks of varying length and color? It’s madness I tell you-Madness (See #3.)!

#7.     Lincoln Logs and this plastic Tupperware, a sad excuse for a toy, will always bring a smile to my face. Some good childhood memories lie within them in their own unique way.Lincoln Logs-Smell that piney buildable excitement!

There it is- In all of its random glory. You’re up Kevin, Kim, Jess, Beatriz, Lisa, and YOU!


World Diabetes Day


 Be Diabetes Aware- 1st Annual World Diabetes Day

Today is the day to put diabetes at the top of the list. World Diabetes Day kicks off the first annual United Nations recognized date to provoke awareness for diabetes. Link on over and check out the good word and see how the world is coming together for the cause.

The dLife Blogabetes Team unites for diabetes in our own way. Come be part of our stories. Read myThe Saddest Pinky account of the World Diabetes Day theme, children and adolescents with diabetes.


Shiny New Meter


I had my first visit with the new P.A. this week and left the office with a shiny new toy. Well, it was actually just a replacement for the meter I had been using for the past 2 1/2 yrs. He gave it to me to insure that I was not using a worn out meter that could be prone to false readings. I had this same thought in my head the week before when I got some unusual readings one day, which didn’t seem to add up. I knew I could go buy a meter for near free with rebates, but the P.A. beat me to the punch.

I wanted to see just how much difference there was between the new and old meter. To get the best accuracy, I used the same finger, with the same drop of blood, at the same time.

Check it out… The results speak for themselves. And if you couldn’t tell, the old one is on the left… With all the symbols worn off!

Dualing Meters

 Dualing Meters








Dualing Meters Results