Begin to Blog


Read, read, LAUGH…

Read, read, read, I CONCUR…

Read, read, read, YA!

It has only been a few weeks, but man have I soaked up a lot of blogs. After listening to a diabetes podcast I recently discovered, I was introduces to the Diabetic Blogosphere (and it should be capitalized… for its grandeur). The elation from finding so many voices out there like mine is a wonderful feeling!

So here I am, offering my voice to others as they have done for me. Three years in..this month, type 1 and still learning. Seemingly a lifelong process.

Adamantly, every day I stick myself with lancets….and with insulin filled needles. Trying to keep my numbers in check the best ways I know how. E  v e r y d a y I aim to stick it to this disease.

I invite you all to StickIt with me!


One comment

  1. Hey Scott!

    Welcome to the OC! Found your blog via a comment on one of the other blogs – very glad to see that you are starting one of your own! That is great!

    I’ve added you to the list of blogs I try to keep up on, and will check out the rest of your posts in the next few days. Just wanted to drop a quick “hello”!

    Take care!

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