Off to Trial?


Profil Clinical Trial Advertisement 

Wham! There was the title that jumped out at me from The Daily Aztec, my school’s daily newspaper. “Type 1 Diabetes: How Does It Affect You?” came at me from an advertisement posted by Profil Institute for Clinical Research. It said, “Participants must be over 18, type 1, and otherwise healthy. I qualified for this unknown study and I was intrigued. Something relating to me was in the paper. Sure it was an ad, but it is refreshing when I see, hear, or read discussion about the “secret” world I’m involved in. It’s not very often diabetes is brought up in daily life between non-diabetics. It is hard sometimes being the only one dealing with it on a constant basis.

Too afraid of getting roped in, I didn’t call the 1-800 number provided. Instead I went to their website to check ’em out and I ended up filling out an online survey of interest. Let’s see how bad they really need me I thought… they have my number. Two days later, a phone message from a very pleasant sounding recruiter. They actually have recruiters?, I thought. A phone call, and several questions later I had a good idea of what I would be getting into. She offered to mail me more extensive info and I agreed. I’ll read it and get back to you I said. “Thank you so much Mr. Marvel, I look forward to hearing from you soon, have a great afternoon.” She was gooood.

It’s on the way, an information and consent form for a cinical test trial of Exubera. The new inhaled insulin that stirs up so much debate could soon be at my fingertips. I knew how serious this trial would be and have started doing my research. All I could think of was (loss of lung function, loss of lung function). Was it worth it to make some extra money and aid the diabetic community in new medical advances?

Time to find out… Google here I come!


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