Has Anyone Seen My A1c?


Having recently moved to sunny San Diego, Ca, I haven’t found time yet to set up a new relationship with an endocrinologist. My previous doctor is an eight hour drive north and honestly, wouldn’t be worth the drive if I was only one hour away. Doctor-less and ever curious about my vital blood numbers, I looked for an alternative to laboratory A1c testing.

Drawing Blood

I found a great temporary alternative! Biosafe offers a mail-in A1c test that requires no needles or trips to the lab. Simply lance a fingertip and supply three healthy drops of blood. Mail this to their labs and results are quickly sent back to your home address. The complete cost was around 25 bucks and was private, noninvasive, and surprisingly easy.

I am, by no means, and advocate for this company. There is a little question in the back of my mind about how truly accurate they can be. Three drops of blood, compared to the vial which is usually taken, makes me curious. I also waited nearly five weeks to hear about results. Come to find out, they were mailed out weeks ago but never reached my mailbox. Quickly, but busily unapologetic, the duplicate results were mailed out to me. 6.6% glycated hemoglobin…. not bad. Between 5% and 7% is what I’m shooting for.

Not to be used as a complete substitute for lab testing, this mail-in test will give me a record to share with my new doctor from my prolonged doctoral hiatus. It also gives me a good sense of my “long-term” (3-month) health.

And Hey, no blood sucking vampirish lab staff and depressing waiting room visits! YAH


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  1. A great A1C in my book! Way to go!

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