I went to the grocery store the other night in a fit of fast food hatred! I was following my routine of: getting wrapped up in something, forcing myself to eat late, ending up starving and running to a fast food joint. Do they have to make it so convenient!? Let’s see….. Jack-In-The-Box, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr., K.F.C…… all within 3 minutes of driving from me! Let’s not forget how close Costco’s $1.50 Hotdogs/Polish dogs/Pizza slices are, and the food court at Grossmont Center which is filled with grease slingin’, sugar totin’, trans-fat producin’ food services of DeAtH. I say death because I’m confident that eating there would cause an instantaneous myocardial infarction!

As I was driving to get a quick fast dinner, I had flashes of deep fryers and frozen hamburger and chicken patties flash through my head. It was a sign, nay… a warning. It said “turn around and get something in you that your body will appreciate”. Not that I always listen to the voices in my head, but at this juncture I knew they were right. A quick run into the nearby Albertsons and I was set. (1) cantaloupe, (1) bunch of asparagus, (1 lb.) of deli turkey, (1) sm. wheel of smoked gouda, (1) loaf of sourdough bread. Yum-O as Rachel Ray would say!

Rachel Ray

I purposelly grabbed food that would take little prep time:

-A few chops at the cantaloupe and asparagus

-A couple smooth slices of cheese and a hunk of bread torn off

-Into a hot skillet with a little olive oil for the asparagus

-A few slices of turkey pulled out of the deli’s clean wrap-job

Time to eat!

Quick dinner, asparagus…turkey, etc

A meal any diabetic would be happy to eat in my humble opinion. Whether on a strict diet or just in need of something healthful and satisfying…. whip it up yourself.


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