Ambiguous Insulin


So, along with running out of syringes yesterday (side noted) for my morning Lantus (vial) shot, I had to deal with a fussy injection site for my Novolog (Novofine pen) this morning. Oy, too many brackets in that paragraph…

Quick side note- Seeing my syringe stash dwindling, I put in an Rx refill three days ago. Ever forgetful and busy, I failed to pick up said Rx before I actually needed it. Showing up at 8 am today at the local Long’s drug store, I see what I dreaded. Pharmacy hours: 9am to 9pm. Great! Either I re-use yesterday’s syringe, no thanks, or I go without Lantus for a day. I opted to hold out on the long-term and up the doses of rapid-acting. I fear a roller coaster of a day.

Click…click…click-units of Novolog dialed up, Novofine needle worked into the outside of my thigh, and click..click..click.. insulin injected. I counted to ten to let the last drops of insulin spill out into my thigh.

This is supposed to help guarantee echoed precision for each shot.

I pulled out the needle and a huge blood/insulin drop rushed out and started running down my thigh. So now I’m on blood clean-up duty and have just watched an unknown amount of insulin run out of my body. “Are you too good for your home?!”

I can’t inject more insulin, can I? Better not

I am now looking forward-to a day of blood sugar scrutiny as I have no long-term insulin in my system and an ambiguous amount of rapid.

Get ready for a workout, my ever vigilant meter!


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  1. Hey Scott – Welcome to the Blogosphere (capitalized for your blogging pleasure)! I’m proud to be your first comment. :) Thanks for your email and I’ve added you to my blogroll.

    I like your style and I’m pleased to see another ambitious, determined, and upbeat voice added to the chorus here. If there’s anything I can do, let me know!

    — Kerri.

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