From Somewhat Cold… To Mold


Has anyone tried thee things?

Frio Product

They are advertised as “handy cooling wallets for people with diabetes”, and used  to “keep your insulin cool without refrigeration!”

I bought one. I used it. I threw it away.

They are designed with the same principle as the neck bandannas that are sold at craft fairs and such. They have absorbing little beads wrapped up inside some kind of breathable fabric. The Idea is to soak them in water, and let the slow evaporation of that water from the beads cool you down. Or in this case, your insulin. 

Good theory, but I would stop at cheap craft fair gimmick.

I took the pouch on an eight hour drive up to my folks house and followed all the instructions. It turned into a damp, slightly cool waste of money. My insulin did not heat up much during the drive but it was definitely not staying within the 36-46 degree range like it needed.

When I returned home from my trip I left the pouch out so it could dry. Days later, I noticed mold growing on the thing. Geesh, I should have left it in the desert on my way home. Maybe the absent humidity there would have been enough to properly dry it out.

Not willing to deal with the fuzzy mess growing on the pouch, it was round filed and will forever be punished… living in the local landfill.

What a waste.


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