Gotta make them last… One, two, three, four. Four moments in time left to be able to record blood sugars until the refill comes in.

Freestyle Strip

Almost out of test strips. I went to Longs.com per usual and plunked in my RX numbers and sent them away into www-refill land. Not an hour later, the pharmacy calls and assures me I will be getting no test strips for another two 1/2 days. This, per instructions from my abysmal health insurer and my agreed upon daily testing limit. When did I agree on that!? Oh, I didn’t, like it matters. So no strips for me, unless of course I want to pay the $104.99 cash price.

I decided I could watch my diet close the next two days and only test when necessary(a loose term for some). Necessary for me is at least 3 times a day.

One into the used section of my meter case first thing in the morning. Another before dinner… Way too long living in glycemia no-mans land.

One more used this morning and one left in the plastic Freestyle tube.

I suppose I will use it before bed to make one last check for the day. Tomorrow, first thing, it is too the pharmacy for me…. At Nine, not Eight like last time

I suppose I should ration my strips to prevent this in the future. That or pony up big bucks like some others and pay out of pocket. Because I don’t see insurance paying for 18 test strips a day. Very nice though… that is commitment to self.

No worries, tomorrow is a new batch of 100. Maybe more…..

Does blood wash off of test strips? Hmmm….


One comment

  1. I payed out of pocket to get a box of strips from ebay (much less expensive than a drugstore!), so I would simply have a “cushion” for times when I run out a wee bit early… which I think can happen often with OneTouch strips, considering they’ll give you an error if you don’t squeeze out like a PINT of blood for the strip! Sheesh.

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