Exubera Clinical Trial Info


As I talked about before, I have considered entering a clinical trial that tests the effects of Exubera. The new “wonder drug” that lets people with diabetes inhale insulin instead of taking an injection.

I carefully researched the drug and it’s stigmas online and pawed through the trial info I was sent.


After debating it with myself and talking with my family, I decided it was not the right trial for me. Originally I had hoped they were testing insulin pumps or meters or continuous glucose monitors. Now those are the types of things I can lend my body to.

My parents even offered me a matching amount of money, that trial participants get, to NOT do the study. Their number one concern…. my health. After reading the warnings of lung function loss, who can blame them.

Along with the inherent risks involved, there were other reasons I decided this was not for me.

  • I am currently without a doctor in my new city and have no professional to look after my best interests and discuss this with first
  •  Changing insulin treatment routines can be troublesome and affect the body and with life as busy as ever, it’s not a good time to mess with what works.
  • My current health insurance plan expires soon. I don’t want to rock the boat if a special need arises after the trial is over.

I have created this page with the trial info .doc for others to open and view.

It gives a good reference point to see how trials are conducted. The devil is in the details… read everything carefully when embarking on your own trial research.

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