Merry-Go-Rounds Are Fun…Usually


It’s only syringes I tell myself. They gave me twenty more to get me through until the shipment. I can go back next week and pick up the rest.

I don’t want to go back next week!

I feel like my schedule is ever revolving around my prescriptions. It’s like a merry-go-round that, when gripped properly, and given complete focus can be a smooth breezy ride. Merry-Go-RoundDon’t lose your grip though- or a future of tattered clothes, bruised  appendages, and mega grass stains will be in your future. 

-This was two weeks ago.

I ended up picking up my syringes refill (box of 100) last week. (A little delayed to post about… but today’s pharmacy excursion made it all relevant again!)- More on that in the next posting.

Why is this happening? The pharmacy tech fills me in that they “don’t have them”. That’s helpful. After some coercing and brief conversation I find out that the shipment they were supposed to receive did not come in. Why are they so under stocked- that they need to operate shipment to shipment? I deduce that tiny pill monsters hidden in the medicine bottles must have screwed with their inventory. I go with this theory because I don’t want to believe any other real world scenario.

One day when I move out of my apartment and into a house (with a safe porch for deliveries), I will bypass the pharmacy and get supplies delivered. Maybe this will help eliminate the back-and-forth needed to keep my drawers stocked.

Time will tell. Gotta deal with the present for now.



  1. hey, my pharmacy never seems to have what i want in stock. it’s always oh come back tomorrow. we don’t all have buckets of time on our hands!!!! grrrr

  2. Hey Vicki-grrrr is right. My next post is even better. Oh the things that seem so simple….

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