Needles Anyone?


It would seem that I was the one responsible for not being able to hold on tight enough to that cumbersome Merry-Go-Round. However, after thorough CSI style investigation, it appears to have been sabotage after all.

I went to the pharmacy to pick up some more insulin pen needles and was greeted with bad news. “It appears to be too soon for pick-up on these-your insurance won’t cover them until four days from now”.

Par for the course-issues at the RX counter!

In need, I decided I would have to pay for them out of pocket. Thirty-Five dollars for a box of 100 novofine needles. “When did I have these filled last?”, I asked. Typity typity typity…… typity typity goes the pharm. tech into my account history. “It was a while ago, this can’t be right”, she says.


She continued talking, incoherently mumbling some sort of whodunit theory. “I’ll call the insurance company, give me a minute”, she says.

<behind the counter>-rambling off prescription codes into the phone, and pharmacy store numbers, and her employee number and title…..then my name and date of birth and other necessary stats… I wander off.

Not two minutes later I make eye contact and see she has completed her investigatory stint.

Here’s the story:

My insurance lacks the ability to separate syringes and pen needles for my coverage. Even though they are two separate prescriptions and have different uses(for different insulin even), syringes and pen needles are one in the same on their end of the tug-o-war rope. The computer saw that I picked up syringes a week earlier and then concluded it was too early for more needles of any kind. Agreeably, they ok’d the coverage of pen needles for that day, under my usual fifteen dollar copay, and instructed for them to be called in the future every time I need pen needles within close proximity to syringes. Geesh! One more step in this game we play!

What kills me the most is their inability to just (Fix!) the problem. Instead, it is now on me to keep track and have the pharm. tech call the blasted insurance company (Every Time!) this scenario of prescription pick-ups occurs.

Hooray! Diabetes is fun!



  1. Very frustrating!

  2. AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! That in itself is enough to make a good guy very crabby. What incompetence on their part. Interesting that they want so much $$ every month for the pleasure of having insurance. There is no excuse for it all to be that damn hard! Frustrating indeed!!!!

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