Stain Be Gone- Tide’s Formula for Ease


Julie to the rescue! My fully prepared girlfriend springs into action yesterday… saving my shorts.

On our way out the door, I took a thigh injection to do a small blood sugar correction. All was good and I was ready to continue with the day. A sharp annoyance, however, caused me to do a double-take on my recent site. With down-turned eyebrows and forcibly wrinkled lips, I lifted up the cuff of my shorts and inspected the perturbance. A smear of blood on my leg and wouldn’t ya know it… two small spots of blood had soaked through my shorts. Wonderful.

I wasn’t so much upset at the stain as I was the hindrance on my forward progress in the day. Diabetes had lassoed me in, forcing me to see who was really running the show.  

Making me deal with the situation at hand- both of us delay our planned venture. “Hold on, let me run this under cold water and clean up”, I tell Julie… already on my way to the sink. She stops me and suggests her own remedy. Tide pen to the rescue.

Tide Pen

Out from the purse and poised for action, the stain removal pen was quickly activated for duty. I steadied the fabric with my hand pressed underneath. She quickly dotted the first blood spot.

A foamy chemical reaction occurred and it bubbled up in the shape of the to-be vanquished spot. A couple more dottings and a good swirl for safe measure. The spot seemed gone.

The next spot had time to watch, and knew it’s short lived life would also be ending soon. Sure enough, in under a minute of time, all the blood was gone from the fabric of my shorts.

What could have been a cold, wet, messy clean-up was rather quick and painless. Julie suggests we should go buy one for my own supply…stowing it somewhere in my truck for future “emergencies”. I quickly brush off the suggestion, in my head, and make some sort of manly pose. A stain removal pen… for cleaning laundry… stored in my truck? Wasn’t gonna happen.

The fact of the matter is… if I had my own stain remover I risk losing some of that personal attention that I so need now and then. Having someone there to look after me in my fleeting times of need sure is a comforting thought.

Thanks, Julie, for having my back.



  1. Good going, Julie! Guess that should be on Scott’s birthday list!

  2. I’m convinced that the Tide Pen was created with diabetics in mind. ; )

    It saved a pair of light colored pants last week that got attacked in the car by a flying, recently used test strip… and it WOULD HAVE saved me this morning when my finger decided that instead of simply letting out a drop of blood it would spew blood violently at me, hitting my red shirt. Luckily the shirt was red so its no so bad…but sadly my Tide Pen was in my desk and by the time I got to it it was too late.
    I’m glad your shorts had better luck that my shirt…sigh

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