Pop-Top Lantus


Day number twenty-eight was upon me. And how about that- the Lantus vial <loading syringe>….is…tapped…out. Good timing I would say. No wasted insulin and no early trip for a refill. Nice!

I went to the fridge, lifted the butter compartment flap and pulled out the new vial, all boxed up and sanitary. I activated the calender on the computer and counted- one, two, three, four weeks to make note of the twenty-eighth day upon which the new vial would expire. May 30th it is. I pull out a pen and jot it down on the outside of the box. I know if I don’t write it down immediately I will hopelessly lose track of when it should be tossed out. Maybe I can go twenty-nine days or even thirty-plus and be okay, but I don’t want to risk having ineffective long-acting in my system.

I neatly lift open the top tab. Pull out the paperwork of insulin info, and also pull out the vial. Flip the paperwork upside down so it makes a u-shaped “pouch” and push it back into the box. This makes a nice cushion for the vial and keeps things from shaking around more than necessary.

I grasp the new vial in one hand, and with my thumb under the purple cap, flick upwards- as if flipping a coin to decide punting order for the big game. With my intentions being to catch it mid flight, I watch as it flies across the room and smacks the wall. “Man, I need to practice my execution”, I think.

What I hold in my hand after, is a little bit of an oddity. The punched-out “metal cap thing” was still hanging on by a thread. I assume it was not properly punched out at the factory and was able to luckily escape it’s way into my fridge. No worries, pinch and pull and it is gone.

Lantus Vial

One of those weird situational happen chances that I wanted to share. And despite the small defect, I still love my little life giving vial all the same.



  1. Wow! A very unique photo opportunity indeed! I’ve never seen anything like that!

  2. I also keep my insulin in the butter compartment.
    (And I write the “done” date on the label with a Sharpie marker)

  3. One more thing, huh?!

  4. I love when quirky things like these happen. :-p I also keep my insulin in the butter compartment (at least when I’m at home and have a butter compartment). I never have to worry about my insulin expiring, however, as I’m on the pump and a vial of Novolog only lasts me a week or two I believe. :-)

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