If I Were a Number: I Would Be “65”


That’s right, “65”. It seems like every time I turn around, my blood glucose meter is spitting out a “65” at me! It is getting to the point where I think “60-64 and 66-69” don’t even exist, all defiantly rounding to “65”. How can so many morning, post-meal, and otherwise random blood sugar checks lately end up at this attention deprived little number?

I have a theory…and a solution.

  • I am stressed out.(that’s the theory)
  • My body is pulling in extra glucose to keep me caught up with the stress.(continued theory)
  • Down with the bolus and fine-tune the basal.(the solution)

Not that I am particularly worried about my lowly number’s common debut, I can always catch it in time and, honestly, I think it just stops there. Or maybe… by the time I feel low and test, the glucose is always at the same point. Whatever the case, I can function fine short term there, and am taking action against it.

65 MPH sign

I deduce that the arrival of semester finals, the summer work search, new health insurance hunt, and insane California gas prices (had to throw that in… $3.69 a gal…. grrrr) have me a little more worked up than usual. And all of that time-consuming stress has increased my carb needs and slightly lowered my insulin needs too. Did you know that they say that peforming mathematics increases brain function and also need for energy too, thereby lowering glucose levels? Neat, I know! But also an added culprit in my lows.  

So my morning routine is to crawl out of bed, poke a finger and get a fasting blood result. Then comes the daily dose of Lantus. “Thirty-four units please”, I tell the fridge door as I pull out the lonely vial. I say lonely because, come on… locked away in the butter compartment with only some solidified, churned milkfat as a bunk-buddy… not my idea of good company! And then, some days, after the Lantus, and depending on the fasting result, a friendly Novolog bolus is taken.

I have decided that cutting back on my morning Lantus cocktail is needed. I think “Thirty-two units” sound better anyway. It is the number twenty-three in reverse, a well-known number in my family! We’re talking three birth dates, and an anniversary date in my immediate family alone. I have lowered my basal dose in the past when needed, and it definitely helps.

Lastly, I have cut down a little on the after meal bolus calculation. (Yes you pumpers- I am still doing them in my head… though not for “long”, I hope). And when I say cut down a little, I mean just a small percentage less. I normally go by these figures: One unit of Novolog for every 10 grams of carbohydrate intake. I figure about a 30 percent decrease in that figure does what I need.

ie: If my meal has 60 grams of carbs, I will take 4 units instead of the usual 6. This is just a rough idea though, as trial and error has shown me that certain foods still need their own special dosing… as do special situations.

I feel comfortable making this change as I have done it in the past also. As long as I maintain blood sugar checks throughout the day, it will be all good. And hopefully leave me a little farther north of that “65” that tries to keep me down. 


One comment

  1. Wow man – so when my BG is high I can just do a bunch of math to help bring it down?! Sweet.

    Sounds like you have a good plan for things. I hope you can figure out the winning combination without too much trouble.

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