Berry Blood Sugar


Pancakes for breakfast!

Now, normally I would not get excited about pancakes. Truth to tell, I am not much of a breakfast person at all and prefer my mornings to start with the basic cereal/fruit tag team. Cherrios and a banana please! But this day, however, is special. Julie whipped up some ‘cake batter and a very delicious (semi)homemade topping as a treat.

It started the day before at Trader Joe’s, the local grocery with all the essentials… that even extend to the exotic and organic in nature. The necessities list looked like this: 

  • 1 bag frozen mixed berries
  • 1 bottle maple syrup
  • 1 carton eggs
  • 1 gal non-fat milk
  • 1 pint buttermilk
  • 1 bag whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1 bag whole purpose flour

The grocery checker inquired what kind of dessert was in the process. I shared with him that no dessert would be happening tonight but… the pancakes may have an early appearance if I’m not patient enough. It was looking like a solid flavor wave of foodstuffs.

Fast forward to next morning…

Ingredients were masterfully put together for the pancakes and began their trips to the burner. One after the other, slowly and surely cooked up and placed in the ember-like heated oven to keep warm. While those happened, the frozen berries were blended, heated and strained. An accompaniment of maple syrup stirred in with the berries and it was ready-to-go homemade Berry Syrup.

A natural insulin bolus insued and the matching amount of ‘cakes and syrup was devoured. Yum!

It was one of those instance when guessing is the best one can do. I really had no idea exactly how many carbs were in each pancake. Or how glucose rich each tablespoon of syrup was. Past experience and a little diabetes know-how led me the direction I needed to go. Sugars turned out good afterwards!

I decided it was time to put the berry syrup to the test, however…

Here’s non-diabetic Julie with a well formed syrup “blood” drop on her finger.

Julie testing the syrup from breakfast. Looks real, No!?

She can test with the best of ’em!

And the results are: Five, Four, Three, Two, One…

Glucometer reading of syrup

Ooooh. That’s some sugary, berryful, stickable, lickable goodness!


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