Tethered Down: The Low and the 42 Ouncer


I was feeling a little low  before a mildly coercive trip to the Fashion Valley Mall. Julie wanted to do a little shopping and I decided it was better to be out and about with company, than to be home alone… even if it meant bearing through masses of people and enduring the obnoxious sales people aplenty. Regardless of all that, 51 mg/dL would not due. 

A good suggestion of McDonald’s was made. It would serve as a quick glucose pit-stop on the way to our destination. Despite my bottomless loathing of the franchise, I was not in clear enough state of mind to argue or suggest an alternative.

The deal of the week, apparently, was their 42 oz. fountain drink for .69 cents. Yikes. All I needed was a small soda. Something under 20 oz. would have sufficed. But comparing the prices of all sizes, the 42 oz. was still the cheapest. “Ask them if I can just pay for a 42 ouncer and get it in a small cup”, I ask Julie… as she was in the driver’s seat and placing the order. “Nooo”, she says in jest. “Just take the big one”. 

So we are on our way, with 42 ounces of Powerade… and a six piece nugget.

Well, I was hungry too!

I drank some sugar-juice and ate my nuggets. About twenty minutes later, I decided to re-test my blood. 53 mg/dL. Oye, what’s the deal? I should have seen some results by now. 

By that point we were at the mall and I was still sucking on that giant mug of sweet stuff. It was at that moment, I felt a little pissed off. About to enter the mall… to wind throught the maze of consumer goods… and I had to carry around this daunting cup. 

I felt so dependant. I couldn’t leave the cup behind because I needed to bring up my numbers a little more. But I was tired of holding on to it, and the reminder of that curly red-haired, obesity enabling clown could not escape me.   

Minutes later I was able to retest and then pitch the tethering mountain of a cup. Upward and onward, things were looking better.

Yet another reminder on that day, who was in control…


*Revised: I got a little carried away with my numbers! oops. Not a 64 oz. cup, but a 42 Ounce.”64 oz. is tooooo much”.


One comment

  1. The later low was probably due to the exercise of carrying the monster cup around! :-)

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