Relying on ReliOn


Glucose Tabs

Too easy of a title, I know… but the glucose tabs ReliOn makes have found their way into my life and I’m lovin’ them so far.

I previously didn’t understand the need for glucose tabs. I mean… come on. Why pop boring old sugar tabs when you can splurg on a little soda or candy? I have found out the answer to my own question.

Reliability and reproducability(a term drilled into my head during chemistry). Each glucose tab holds 4 grams of fast acting glucose. That means, a precise amount of fast acting sugar makes it happy way into the bloodstream—fast. It takes away the need to track down a soda or food and then portion out that food or drink.

I usually need no more than two tabs at a time. Sometimes, just one helps bring up the blood sugar just the right amount. It is nice, also, when I am headed to bed and my number is a little low. I can pop a tab and be confident I will wake up in range. No need to run to the fridge which inevitably leads to overeating and high blood sugar all night.

Glucose tabs… cheap and efficient. Go figure.



  1. I was diagnosed in 1974. They didn’t have glucose tabs then. The standard treatment was to “eat a candybar”. Without blood glucose monitoring, we just had go guess if we were low or not – didn’t have the numbers to confirm it, or, if so, how far down.
    Years later, when I

  2. (part 2 – sorry)
    Years later, when I began testing my blood, I realized that my bg has a very slow response to chocolate – a joke of a treatment for hypoglycemia.
    Responsible self-care currently required a lot of attention to detail and constant decision making – but I am thankful for my meter, the numbers, and those dorky sour chalk glucose tabs.

  3. And they have some great flavors too!

    I remember using sugar cubes back in the “old days”!

  4. My comment is a bit late, but just stumbled upon your blog here. You should know that the Reli-On glucose/dextrose tablets are made by two different manufacturers. Catch my blog posting for more details on that.

  5. The Dex4 people are meant to be coming out with a new liquid correction that isn’t a gel. I recently completed a discussion group evaluating how best to describe that.

    Personally I don’t like the texture of the tablets. They’re tough on the back of my throat and the dust is just terrible (though I don’t get that too often). I suggested they look at coating it slightly to improve the mouth feel of it.

  6. I am a type 1 diabetic, and this is the best , cheapest, product that I have found in the two and one half years with diabetes. Recently I was put in a position financially and I was just wondering if there is any way that I could recieve some donations of test strips while I get back on my feet. I have had to go to the ER more than 3 times in the past 2 weeks just for my sugar, and I haven’t been able to check it lately. I know that it’s very important that I monitor my sugar, but there really isn’t many places that are willing to help. So this is sort of a last resort. Anything would be appreciated. Just contact me at my E-Mail address BOBBYLEE85@yahoo.com Thank you and God Bless.

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