A Day At the Beach


I decided this nice stretch of beautiful weather needed to be pounced on.

Spring has not fully convinced me that it has sprung yet. Bouts of semi-warm weather intermingle with days of gloomy overhead clouds and nippy breezes. On this particular day, however, spring was stretching it’s arms and showed what it could do. A trip to Coronado Beach was in order. A direct, highway only, route got me to beach front access in twenty minutes.

Coronado is an upscale island and part of San Diego. You can bet, nearly all traffic to the island is produced by construction crews, landscapers, military personnel, and oodles of tourists. It is the place to live when an 800 square foot property line is a steal for $800,000 bucks. Now honestly, I just pulled that number out of my ass… but you get the idea. Big Bucks. 

Coronado and it’s sought after views

The sand was warm and the breeze gentle. I stretched out with my towel and plugged in the headphones. Here is my pile of beach belongings.

  • Insulin pen that I wouldn’t even need(Not sure why I toted that)
  • Pen needles that always accompany the pen
  • Loose test strips that I found in my pocket…used of course
  • Ever needed stuff like keys/wallet/sandals/glasses(usual goodies)

 Ipod, Sandals, Insulin. Good to go

I plugged in and dialed up the Diabetes PowerShow Podcast. This show is my new favorite diabetes geared listen. The cast can be quarky at times and the dialog a little too happy-happy also, but what a great program they have and killer guests to boot! I was feeling at ease and getting my tan on. Good times on the beach.

And no, not all of California’s beauty is nature-made. We have to help out too at times. With diesel engines and large loading grates, a group of Cats scoop up errant seaweed and make way for guests.

Woo ooo. A little help from our friends

One more beach off the list and countless more to go. I aim to hit up as many as I can over my stretch in San Diego and get a real feel for what our coastline is all about.

Beach Feet




  1. glad you had a nice day at the beach! i listen to the powershow during my commute sometimes. you’re right they have awesome guests, but they’re a little too excited about diabetes for my taste..

  2. Nice blog entry. I run a site there and it’s a great place to live or visit.

    Owner of http://www.eCoronado.com

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