Carbs Are King


The e-mail fairy sent me a short, self-sequestered, advertisement today.  Among the myriad of junk mail, I saw a CalorieKing message and popped it open to see what was up. The welcoming note, personally addressed, let me know the new Joslin paired food nutrition web site was up and running. The spotlight focuses on the cold hard facts of the stuff we eat… and among other things, what it takes to burn it off.

Calories… and carbs!… Are King Here

A download installs a search toolbar on your internet browser and puts food info at your fingertips. Enter a food/drink query and it shoots you over to the CalorieKing website and a list of matches. Need to know how many calories are in a tablespoon of Nutella? How about the sodium count of the Pepsi One you’ve got? Even the carbs in a serving of TGI Friday’s Spinach, Cheese, and Artichoke Dip. It’s all there!

While calories may be the buzz word of choice, the carb tallies have my focus at hand. You see, I put my name on the list of contacts to inform- once the site was up and running. I was intrigued at the collective database of foodstuffs being put together at the time. If I had a nickel for every time I tried to look up the carb count of my next meal… let’s just say I could build a pair of spare change headphones like in those Bank of America commercials. Now, this database is charging ahead and I have my one-stop resource for carb counts.

Give it a run-through, no download required. Just interrogate the search bar on site. CalorieKing and Joslin Diabetes Center have put together a well organized site.



  1. Well that looks like a useful tool. I wonder if you could download it to a Treo phone. That would be ideal, so you could have it on the go.

  2. oooh, see another take on carbs at

    :) AmyT

  3. I saw the above ribbon and was hoping you could help me. My neighbor is having a fund raiser for juvenile diabetes and I would like to make some tshirts to sell. I wanted to embroider “A Cure For Cailyn” with the juvenile diabetes logo on the shirts. THESE WOULD ONLY BE SOLD TO MAKE MONEY. I am purchasing the shirts myself and donating my time and materials. Could you please either tell me where I can purchase the design (I cannot digitize) or tell me it this is even the correct one? I appreciate any assistance. I am doing this as a surprise and didnt want to ask my neighbor if I didnt have to. Thanks
    Cindy Kimball

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