A New Doc


It has been a full year in San Diego and the law has stirred up a fire under me to get a new doctor. It has been that long since I have seen my last doctor, whose job I felt like I could have done on most visits…. but I digress….

So I have put off finding a replacement in my new city until now. But under California law, my old Endo is no longer allowed to refill my prescriptions. There is a one year cut-off if no office visits have been completed during that hiatus. So as my prescriptions edge closer to becoming bankrupt I will now be able to boost my medication bank account through my new doc. I will venture to his office in two weeks and get back on track with my office visit routine.

The past year has gone fairly smooth. I have managed diabetes well without the tri-monthly huddle with my endo. I stayed on top of my insulin needs and completed a mail-in A1c test to see an overview of the past months. I knew where I stood on the diabetes home front and was confident in my decision to lay low from the doctor’s office.

The end of this year, however, brings me new necessity to connect with a local doctor. I hope to start pumping insulin soon. And with the necessary completed paperwork and recommendation from my doctor, as well as approval from my new insurance company, and insulin pump training, crossed fingers, and a virgin sacrifice… that wish should be fulfilled.

In the present moment I am bearing down over the health plan comparison chart supplied by my work. Eenie-meenie-minee-mo, catch an overpriced, complicated, conflict-ready, greedy insurance company by the toe. All I want for Christmas is {No Hassles} with this new diabetes platform I am stepping on. Any bets whether that will happen?

Despite the cumbersome process all this requires, I am excited to see a local professional who I have heard positive things about. He and his P.A. will be my stepping stone to a new Lantus delivery routine(insulin pen), new insulin pump, updated prescription refills, and a record of well being.


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