Shiny New Meter


I had my first visit with the new P.A. this week and left the office with a shiny new toy. Well, it was actually just a replacement for the meter I had been using for the past 2 1/2 yrs. He gave it to me to insure that I was not using a worn out meter that could be prone to false readings. I had this same thought in my head the week before when I got some unusual readings one day, which didn’t seem to add up. I knew I could go buy a meter for near free with rebates, but the P.A. beat me to the punch.

I wanted to see just how much difference there was between the new and old meter. To get the best accuracy, I used the same finger, with the same drop of blood, at the same time.

Check it out… The results speak for themselves. And if you couldn’t tell, the old one is on the left… With all the symbols worn off!

Dualing Meters

 Dualing Meters








Dualing Meters Results




  1. i have that meter too!! :)
    nice to see that the buttons rubbed off on yours too, hehe. great number though!!!


    hope you’re having a great week!

  2. I’m glad that you got a good working meter – and for real free, that’s a bonus. Loved the visual, it was so creative I and enjoy reading how you’re doing.

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