Beginning To OmniPod


The OmniPodĀ SetupWow! I pump.

I started the OmniPod pumping system this week with a knee jerk of a start. There was a little bump at first, following suit with steady basal insulin and merry boluses without the need for an injection. I hope this turns into a smooth sailing adventure.

It is still early in this venture and I have the details to fine tune still. In short time though, I expect to be pumping with ease.

Hello world of pumping– Here I Am!



  1. Hey Scott! Welcome to the club. Isn’t it amazing to not be a pin cushion and still have good numbers. I love it and I will never go back. Good luck with it all and hopefully you don’t have the same issue of having your pump stuck in a bra at an inopportune time. Although…If you do, I want to hear all about it. LOL

  2. Ha Ha- what a story that would be indeed!

  3. I just started on my Omnipod a few weeks ago and I too had a bumpy start but things are rolling now. My biggest problem has been getting the sucker to stay stuck to my skin! Thanks for your post, I do appreciate hearing other people deal with the same thing I am. Have a good day!

  4. The Omnipod is a kool item..you get used to using it :-)

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