Earth Day, With Diabetes


A whole day to think about the Earth, wow! That is just as comical as Diabetes Day. I wish diabetes supervision was a once-a-year event but awareness and management of diabetes and respect for the Earth should be every day.

Nonetheless, today is the day to question your impact on the Earth and think about ways to be greener. Diabetes care is overrun with plastic tools and disposable items that end up in too many landfills. I was definitely burdened by my OmniPod usage, questioning the disposable side to pumping. I am making an impact though, in my own small way. Head over to Blogabetes and see the habit I’m forming this Earth Day to protect our environment. 

Battery overload!



  1. great thought

  2. I recycle the paper inserts that come with boxes of insulin and minimed products. Not enought, but it’s something.

  3. Yeah the amount of garbage diabetes incurs has been known to bother me. I think it’s inborn as I was born on Earth day. It’s kinda been beat into me. lol ;)

  4. ok I’m months late reading this – but I’m impressed with your green-ness :)
    I hate the amount of rubbish that comes with my D supplies! I recycle all I can but that still leaves sharps and other non-recyclables. There has to be a better way!

  5. now, we life in hot earth….let’s safe and making green our world

  6. hey!! i used to collect those batteries too but one day, one of them exploded, presumably from a short from a random arrangement of the piles that configured themselves to short out in a jar…. so be careful…

    happy bolusing!


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