About Me

My diagnosis of type 1 diabetes came on March 12, 2004. I had no idea what diabetes was all about, except for the stereotypes that somehow still maintain in our society. I aimed to absorb everything there was to learn about this new part of my life and to take this challenge on head first. StickIt is my way of giving back to the online community and offering support to others who may be in need of it. My words come from a place of positive attitude and the desire to show that diabetes is not a death sentence. We can all stick it to this disease and experience the fullest of lives. Never limited and never conceding to fail, I say we have the ability to control the future. The future of our health and the future of how diabetes is treated and someday… cured. StickIt means:

  • Resolving to manage diabetes daily, the best way you know how
  • Letting your voice be heard and advocating for change
  • Taking control of your long term health
  • Showing yourself and others that diabetes does not typecast who you are

Before that first unnerving week in the hospital, I never saw diabetes coming. And to this day, I have never looked back. These are my efforts to keep on in a diabetic world. I’m always learning, sharing, and educating and hope to shine a positive light where it sometimes does not appear. I invite you all to Stick It with me! E-Mail me – stickitdiabetes@yahoo.com

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