Grande New Year


Another fast paced year has passed by and today we ring in the New Year. For me it involved watching the NHL Winter Classic game with family, a little prime rib, and a geocache hunt for a diabetes travel bug.

The Penguins, who we rooted for, won the game, the food was delish, and the geocache hunt was successful… minus the diabetes travel bug. Have you heard of this “game”? People hide caches composed of random things- sometimes money, sometimes knickknacks, sometimes plastic toys. The idea is to use a GPS device to track down these caches and leave your mark by taking and leaving something of your own. This spot we ventured to today had a diabetes travel bug at one point in time and I wanted to scope it out and see what there was to see.

A quick hike and a little luck, minus a GPS device, and my dad found the old peanut butter jar buried in an old tree stump. Out came a plastic Pterodactyl,  a pair of goofy glasses, a commemorative coin… a barrel of goodies. So we left our mark, by way of a small notepad and pen, and off we went. Good day indeed.

I hope you all had a memorable 2007, as I did, and that this year brings you good health and grande memories!


One comment

  1. I started doing geocaching last year and mostly enjoyed it. I’ll do some more after the snow melts here (although I know there are some you can still find in the winter – it’s just too cold for me!).

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